Thursday, 29 December 2011

Brighton W Ghostpoet

Had the pleasure of meeting, watching and photographing Ghostpoet back in summer in Brighton for Mint Magazine. It was a pleasure to meet him, a  really laid back guy.

Brighton seems to be a place close to Obaro's heart, coming down as a teenager to visit the sea side city and watch gigs. So I thought it would be apt to take a wonder round the beach front.

Even had a bit if a chuckle when my camera broke half way through the shoot...

The interview/illustration/photos will be an exclusive for Mint Magazine, dropping on New Years day!

Stay tuned and on time!

My Illustrator mate Lorna Harrington came down to assist and draw up ideas for an illustration of Ghostpoet.

Thanks to Nigel at BFlat Productions for helping Mint organise this feature and Guilluame at Kayak Music for allowing us to do it.

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